Venue, check. Event date, check. Event permit, check. Venue layout, check. Artists, check. Event hosts, check. Artists repetoire and entourage, check. Barricades, check. Bouncers, check. Security, police, check. VIP area for sponsors and partners, check. Concessionaires, check. Portalet toilet, check. Media partners, check. Sponsors, check. All access IDs, check. Contracts and Agreement, check. Budget, check. Sneakers on, check. Exta shirt, check. Radio, TV, and print ads, check. Poster design, check. Ticketing, check. Ticket price, check. Sounds & Lighting, check. Stage setup, check. Marker, check. Masking tape, check. Ballpen, check. Manpower,check. Food,check. More food, check. Lots of water, check. Energy drink, check. Electric generator, check. Garbage disposal, check. Walki takie, check. Weather?

In 2004, we organized one of the major rock events of the year, “Rockista” at the Philsport Arena with attendance of 15,000, with our 1 month preparation, and 2 months promotion.

There was only one annual rock event back then, “The Pulp Summer Slam” but the said event was lacking of pure pinoy rock experience as it was a mixed of foreign and pinoy performances. So we thought, the timing was right to gather our local rock bands with their thousands of followers in a 12-hr rock event. The same year Bamboo released his Album, “Pinoy Ako.”

For a company of mere 10 employees, this was quite ambitious.

Our preparation was intense, establishing relationships with brands and media, getting the artists signed for the concert. Meetings, lots of lunch and dinner meetings before we set the event date. Everday, we felt we were in haste before we roll the event’s advertising and promotion. We had pending negotiations with brands. Preparation time was indeed our steepest learning curve.

Fast forward, 3am, September 19, 2004, backstage. We did it.

What we’ve learned:

  1. Value people. Be nice, always.
  2. Value relationships with brands, avoid room of failure thru careful planning and pay attention to what is stipulated in the contract.
  3. Whatifs, Plan A, B, C.
  4. Mutualism works well.
  5. Smallest detail matters.